Simplifying policy, process and guidance

Simplifying policy, process and guidance

A large UK retail bank realised that its agents and advisers providing mortgages to customers were confused about the processes and policy that the bank needed them to follow. The policy and process documents were several hundred pages long and difficult to follow or find information when needed.

This was leading to errors and to transactions being ‘failed’ when checked. It was also leading to a lack of confidence in the agents which meant they avoided selling their more complex products or uncovering complex aspects of their customer’s needs. They were losing sales and customers were receiving incorrect products.

We reviewed and revised their process and policy documents, simplifying them by over one third of their original volume. We also created extensive user friendly guidance build around common customer situations. Finally, we put all of this online on the internal intranet so that agents were never more than 3 Clicks from answering any question they had.

Some of the things people said:

  • ‘I love the fact that we can get to the relevant information within 3 clicks’
  • ‘As there is one place for the information it gives me confidence that I have found the correct answer’
  • ‘As a new starter, the hub is fantastic and helps me find the information I need without hassle’
  • ‘This is really going to help me prepare for my interviews quickly and efficiently’
  • ‘Supporting our adviser to get great outcomes first time, pulling together guidance, process and policy’

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