Sales and customer service quality assurance

Sales and customer service quality assurance

As a result of an FCA review, a major insurer engaged us to review, re-engineer and implement an improved approach to their quality assurance monitoring of sales and customer service across their contact centres in the UK. Error rates were very high and customer complaints were also rising.

After reviewing the current approach we recommended a number of changes and provided detailed advice and recommended methodologies to support these changes:

  1. Risk based QA sampling methodology: increasing QA for higher risk products, higher risk and vulnerable customers and higher risk sales agents (e.g. new joiners).
  2. Outcomes focused QA: a new methodology and checking approach which focused on the suitable outcomes for the customers and any potential detriment, rather than internal process and procedure.
  3. QA scoring: a new scoring and categorisation approach which prioritised outcomes and possible customer detriment
  4. Revised T&C arrangements: new arrangements which included more robust consequences as a result of QA failures and improved training programmes for agents, team leaders and QA staff.
  5. Improved Management Information: more granular reporting for line managers, QA and senior managers to provide line of sight to issues related to customer detriment, root cause analysis and competence issues.

Following our work on the design and implementation of the new methodology, we also trained and accredited all agents, team leaders and QA staff in the new methodology.

Evaluation of the implementation demonstrated improved quality outcomes for customers as well as reduced QA appeals and disputes internally. Our client nominated our work for the Best Sales Development Programme Award in the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA) and we were a finalist with them in these prestigious awards.

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