Risk and Compliance Development programme

Risk and Compliance Development programme

A large global PLC which offers outsourcing services to all sectors of the UK economy was concerned that the Risk and Compliance professionals in its various divisions were increasingly seen by senior management as bureaucrats and internal ‘police’. Their methodologies were often inconsistent and their staff unable to build relationships with their internal business colleagues. This meant that key risks were going unnoticed and regulatory breaches were increasing.

We used our modular 6-day ‘Trusted Adviser’ development programme and tools to upskill the risk and compliance community, including the senior leaders in each division. This action learning programme increased their advisory and relationship skills and helped them in ensuring that their stakeholders understood their roles better and worked more closely with them.

Each participant in the programme also received 1-1 coaching focusing on specific relationships and business issues and everyone was asked to work on a risk/compliance project which delivered tangible outcomes in the business.

A senior Director commented “We can see the change in our colleagues in Risk and Compliance and can also see the challenges they face in a difficult job. I am emphasising this to my team in the contact centres so that we work more effectively with them and hopefully make all our jobs easier.”

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