Customer Services Training & Competence Scheme

Customer Services Training & Competence Scheme

The customer service teams in a major insurance company were undergoing major change: new technology platforms, changing products, new teams and team leaders and increasing demands from customers. However, they received minimal training and often did not understand the products or processes in detail and so error rates were very high and morale very low.

We partnered with the company to define the skills and knowledge required in each job in the Division, including product, processes, technology and customer skills. We established clearly documented Learning Paths which set out the journey to competence for new and existing staff and the ways in which they would be supervised and monitored.

We worked with the internal training department to commission and deliver new training programmes and to train team-leaders in supervision and coaching.

At the end of the year, all staff were assessed in their roles with most demonstrating competence in their jobs – where gaps were identified, these were met through further training or coaching.

Finally, we helped develop a new role of Training & Competence Manager and helped recruit and select the new manager, who then took over from our project team and recruited her own team of specialists to run Training & Competence going forward.

An agent commented: “At last I now understand what’s required of me and the training I’ve received is the best I’ve ever had since I joined. The assessments were not too intimidating as I felt well prepared by the training.”

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