Conduct & Culture Best Practice Benchmarking

Conduct & Culture Best Practice Benchmarking

However strong your systems and controls, policy and procedures a culture that is not driven by the importance of suitable customer outcomes may undermine all your efforts and intent. Increasingly, regulators recognise that culture can be the biggest enabler, or blocker, of quality outcomes for customers and are making real efforts to assess this.

We have developed a range of tools that can be used to measure and develop good conduct and culture within your firm.

“Culture is a set of shared values and norms that characterise a particular organisation – the mind-sets that drive behaviours in firms. Firms need to own and manage their cultures at all levels and understand the drivers that will help or hinder them to achieve the cultures they aspire to. We want firms to understand the importance we attach to delivering culture change, where it is relevant to our statutory objectives, and evidence it by outcomes, with clear indicators that the drivers of culture are measured, monitored and managed
FCA Business Plan 2016/17

CONSULT  Diagnostic Toolkit

This provides practical guidance in the form of a management framework for overseeing regulated operations. For further information or to use our online diagnostic tool to benchmark your firm’s practices.

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CONDUCT Risk Culture Benchmarking

We have teamed up with customer culture benchmarking experts, Learnership Ltd., to produce the UK’s first major benchmarking tool specifically designed to assess your Conduct Risk culture. Our online survey tool gathers your staff’s views and can provide detailed breakdowns of your cultural strengths and weaknesses.

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We have developed ‘Risky Business’, a unique new business simulation, in conjunction with Morgan Clarke, a leadership development specialist consultancy.

It accurately models the Conduct Risk dilemmas faced by managers; balancing internal commercial goals with the needs of the customer, identifying customer risks in key decisions and managing these in the best interests of both the firm and the customer.

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